The Acorn - Oak City Sound's Weekly Newsletter - Dec 13, 2023

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Posted By: Nic Cols
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, Dec 13 2022

1. Notes for this week

  • Another great performance at Glenaire this past Monday. I believe that there were 19 singers on the risers.
    • Followed by a very fine Afterglow at The Corner Tavern, attended by 12. Over 60%!
  • We look forward to the last in our series of Christmas concerts. Vern Pike will send out complete details on the gig.
    • Dec 19: Monday evening, Christmas Show at Springmoor Retirement Community in north Raleigh. Call time is 6:15pm, Performance at 7pm.
  • Dec 26 - No chorus meeting.
  • Jan 2 - No chorus meeting.
  • Jan 9 - Next Chorus meeting, at our regular location Searstone Retirement Community. New Monday Schedule! Going forward, our regular Monday schedule will run from 7pm to 9:30pm. 
  • New Music: The MuComm has been hard at work preparing 4 new songs for us to start on for 2023. The tracks and score are located in our on-line Songs library. Download them now and get busy! See Mike Muha's email for details.
    • Desperado (Eagles), Here Comes the Sun (Beatles), Honesty (Billy Joel), and You've Got A Friend In Me (Randy Newman - Toy Story). 
    • Don't spend time on the intro to Desperado as we will probably drop it. 
    • Take on You've Got a Friend in Me last as we're going to raise the key maybe two steps!
  • No Acorn for the next few weeks.

2. Carol's Korner

  • Congratulations on another very good performance this week! The folks at Glenaire loved us, and want us to come back!
  • It's already been said, but ENORMOUS credit goes to Mike Muha for the million little things he put together to make Tuesday night's show a success. Mike, we see you and appreciate you so much!! 
  • Please keep looking at your music and going over your words and notes so that I can dial back on the on-stage charades to get us through the wordier songs. And keep gliding on the vowels so we achieve a smoother sound.

3. Ben's Buzz

10 Steps to a Note,

Step 1 - Hear a Pitch. Covered on Nov 25. Click here

Step 2 - Find Your Note. Covered on Nov 30. Click here

Step 3 - Check Your Posture. Covered on Dec 7. Click here.

Ben's Buzz column will resume after the Holidays!

4. Future Notes

  • January 30 - Our next guest night. Our focus will be on reaching out to the Hispanic community. 
  • February 12 to 14 - plan to run Singing Valentines again this year. February 14 is a Tuesday, so we'll look for opportunities on the previous weekend.
    • Think about how maybe you can help out in the planning and management of this little enterprise!

5. Long Range

  • March 10 and 11, 2023: Carolinas District Spring Convention in Spartanburg, SC.
  • August 4 to 6, 2023. At Clemson University Campus in Clemson, SC. The Carolinas District is now partnering with the Dixie District to run a single Harmony Education Program ("HEP") in the summer for both NSC and DIX districts. This tot fab educational weekend will be held at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. Absolutely top-tier faculty is assembled for this training event. I can attest that this is a GREAT weekend of singing education, for individual singers, quartets, entire choruses, and chorus directors. Pencil this weekend into your calendar for now. Over the winter, we as a chorus will develop plans, as appropriate and beneficial, to attend this, if possible.
  • October 2023 - Carolinas District leadership has decided to permanently eliminate the Fall Convention and Contest, going forward. 

6. Champagne Room

  • Congratulations to all Oak City Sound members for having taken on the busiest Christmas season we've seen in many years.
  • OCS is back up to 20 on the risers for our concerts. A few more will rejoin us after the Christmas season.
  • Many thanks to Mike Muha and Carol Stephenson for putting together a fun Christmas show set for OCS.