Board of Directors

Gary thorn - President


larry hill - Secretary


Michael Field - Treasurer


Bob Inskeep - VP Marketing


Michael Muha - Music & performance vp

Mike joined the RTP chapter in early 2003 (or so), having participated in the Men's Holiday Chorus the previous months and enjoying the sound of the chorus and the fun in the meetings with the fantastic director of the time, continuing with every director hired since!  He has sung bass the entire time, occasionally dabbling with the tenor part at times. Mike was elected to the Music / Performance VP position starting around 2017. In addtion to singing with this chorus, Mike sings in his church choir, regularly cantoring, and plays trumpet as well. A programmer by profession, when not participating in chorus activities, Mike does various "web" things, and gaming.

nic cols - VP membership

Nic Cols joined the RTP chapter in 1984 as a lead singer. Nic was elected to the Marketing VP position in 2020. Over the years, Nic has served as Program VP, section leader, show chairman, Membership VP, and Chapter President. Nic has been a member of many past chapter quartets and is currently singing lead in 7th Dimension. When not singing barbershop, Nic also enjoys singing in classical music and gospel ensembles, and ice skating.

Warren Fuson - VP Youth Outreach

Warren has been a member of RTP Chapter since 1993. During his tenure on the Board, Warren has served in every capacity except secretary. Warren served on the Carolinas District Board for ten years and was part of the leadership team that helped form the new district in 2010. Warren served in the Contest & Judging program as an Administrative judge (CA) and as District VP of Contest & Judging. Warren and his wife Andy were named the District Barbershopper of the Year in 2019 for their founding of Barbershop Revival. Warren is dedicated to providing steady, dependable leadership wherever he is needed. He is a dedicated quartet singer having been a member of the NC Harmony Brigade since 1994. When not singing, Warren loves reading and alpine skiing. 

Mike Carney - member at large


Andrea Fuson - Member at large

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