The Acorn - Oak City Sound's Weekly Newsletter - Nov 30, 2022

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Posted By: Nic Cols
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Date Posted: Wed, Nov 30 2022

1. Notes for this week

  • 20 singers on the risers last Monday night! 
  • Great afterglow at The Corner Tavern. 
  • We begin our series of Christmas concerts. Vern Pike will send out complete details on each of the events.
  • Dec 26 - No chorus meeting.
  • Jan 2 - No chorus meeting.
  • Jan 9 - Next Chorus meeting, at our regular location Searstone Retirement Community.

2. Carol's Korner

  • It's GO TIME! We still have words to nail down, some timing to clear up, and some notes to tune up, but when we get in front of an audience, we need to prioritize having fun so that they can, too!
  • By all means, keep working on the details before we get on stage, but remember we are here to have a good time and share that with others.

    Let's go out there and get everyone into the holiday spirit!

3. Ben's Buzz

10 Steps to a Note, Part 2

Step 1 - Hear a Pitch. Covered on Nov 25 at

Step 2 - Find Your Note

The last buzz covered the first of 10 Steps to a Note, which is to Hear a Pitch by actively listening. The second step, like the first, is done internally - silently - Find Your Note

Seldom is our first sound the same as the note blown on the pitch pipe, so we have to find our note from the pitch we hear. An effective way to find your starting note is simply to mentally move up or down the scale do-re-mi style from the pitchpipe note until you reach your note. It’s accurate, and it’s how the professionals do it - they just do it very quickly. Sometimes, your note will just “come to you”, although it’s easy to be slightly off pitch, so use the TE Tuner to practice!  We can also do scale exercises during warm-ups, such as blow a pitch and then sing the 3rd or 5th or … Great practice!

.4. Future Notes
  • January 30 - Our next guest night. More details to come in January.

5. Long Range

  • February - plan to run Singing Valentines again this year. February 14 is a Tuesday, so we'll look for opportunities on the previous weekend.
  • March 10 and 11, 2023: Carolinas District Spring Convention in Spartanburg, SC

6. Champagne Room

  • Congratulations to all Oak City Sound members for taking on the busiest Christmas season we've seen in many years.
  • OCS is back up to 20 on the risers for our concerts, plus a few more to rejoin us after the Christmas season.
  • Many thanks to Mike Muha and Carol Stephenson for putting together a fun Christmas show set for OCS.
  • Many thanks to Tim Kinsey for running a very successful Football Game Concession program this Fall; as well as to all those that gave up huge chunks of time to work the booth!